Information Governance

At Induction Healthcare, we understand that your data matters. For this reason alone, we apply the highest standards of information governance to everything that we do.


We are transparent about our processing of data and will support you to meet your information governance requirements when you use any of our products.


We provide physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect any information we process and maintain. All of our staff have a confidentiality clause that meets modern standards within their contract of employment and an additional clause to highlight that information governance training is mandatory.

ICO Registration Number: ZA792302

Clinical Risk Management

Clinical safety is a priority for us and we work hard to ensure the effective application of the clinical risk management standard for manufacturers namely DCB 0129, which we share with our clients so that they are
able to complete their own clinical risk via the DCB 0160 standard.


We have designed our software development and operational security protocols in order to make sure that these facets are considered first. Products will not be allowed to go live with severe risks (levels 4 and 5)
without elimination or mitigation to reduce the risks to acceptable levels.


We employ an Executive level Clinical, Information & Security Group (CISG) who proportionately monitor and moderate the clinical safety risk associated with every
software application we develop.

Cyber Security

Staying cyber secure and reducing cyber risks are a key priority for Induction Healthcare. We take pride in the knowledge that our product features exceed the industry
standard to protect patients, healthcare professionals and their organisations.


We are certified with Cyber Essentials Plus and meet the National Data Guardian’s 10 Security Standards as part of our Data Security and Protection Toolkit accreditation.


Cyber Essentials is the government-backed guarantee that helps companies like us guard against the most common cyber risks and permits our platforms to demonstrate the highest level of cyber security to our customers.

We are certified

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