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Every healthcare professional, every day, using an Induction Healthcare product to streamline the delivery of care.


We give back time to our users. Time for doctors to treat their patients and time for patients to get the treatment they need sooner. From bypassing the hospital switchboard, to ensuring clinical teams know when and where they are working, our apps for clinical teams are the most used in the UK.

Our relentless focus on simple, but effective solutions – underpinned by sophisticated data integration technology – is helping fuel the inevitable digital transformation of healthcare. It’s about the right people, in the right place, with the right data, at the right time.

Our Products



Induction Switch is an iOS and Android app used by most junior doctors in the NHS.

Used by over 140,000 Healthcare professionals, Induction Switch is a communication and sharing platform that enables Healthcare professionals to connect and collaborate securely with the people they need within a complex clinical environment.

Switch saves healthcare professionals time by allowing them to bypass the hospital’s switchboard, helping them locate extensions and bleeps quickly and chat securely. We have recently launched new modules introducing TeamSpaces, secure instant messaging and a broadcast newsfeed, providing increased opportunities for engagement with our large user base.

  • Directory Services
  • Document Sharing
  • Secure Messaging

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Hospitals set clinical guidance locally, typically producing guidelines that are rarely efficiently circulated or adhered to as they are not available at the point of care.

Local specialists use the MicroGuide platform to create, edit and publish structured and governance-controlled guidance and policies.

Automated distribution of that guidance to mobile users, combined with local intranet availability, results in not only a significant increase in guidance consumption but a material increase in local guidance adherence.

  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Decision Support Module
  • Available on iOS/Android and Web

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Zesty is a market-leading digital platform for patients visiting hospitals.

The platform allows patients to book their appointments, read their appointment and clinical letters, store a local copy of their clinical record, and provide data to their care teams remotely.

Alongside a compelling patient experience, the Zesty portal delivers significant cost benefits to hospitals.

  • Single Sign-on
  • Integration Support
  • Video Consultation

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We improve care by delivering products that healthcare professionals, patients and institutions choose to use. Our products enable data to flow between stakeholders and legacy IT systems, adding substantial value to pre-existing health IT investment.

As more doctors are expected to work in new and unfamiliar environments, often at short notice, they are increasingly reliance upon the information and professional support network available through our products. Healthcare professionals are now seeking to use mobile technology to manage care, we believe that interest in our products from healthcare organisations around the world will continue to grow and we are here to provide that service and support with a range of Induction products and services which enable advanced collaboration and interoperability.

By working with digital tools that Healthcare organisation and professionals choose to use we are bringing productions in our roadmap directly to the costumer as they require it. Our products aim to provide our customers with a powerful set of capabilities that touch most aspects of care coordination, execution and help to streamline the delivery of care everyday.


We are a team of doctors, developers and healthcare technology experts focused on a common goal to help streamline the delivery of care for all Healthcare professionals with simple and effective innovation.

Our joint CEO's Dr Hugo Stephenson and James Balmain both have gained many years of experience within the Healthcare technology setting and digital transformation.

Hugo has founded several healthcare and biotech services businesses including DrugDev (acquired by IQVIA) MediGuard (owned by IQVIA), Health Research Solutions (acquired by Quintiles, now IQVIA), and MedSeed (acquired by eHealthcare Asia).

Hugo served as full-time Executive Chairman, Product Lead and co-founder at DrugDev from 2012-2017. Previously, Hugo served as Vice President at Quintiles (now IQVIA) from 2002 to 2011.

James has a wealth of NHS facing commercial experience, having co-founded Zesty Limited in 2012, a multi award winning UK digital health company. Prior to Zesty, James was Ecommerce Director at EE, leading the digital teams at both Orange and T-Mobile during the merger and subsequent launch of EE.

As head of ecommerce at the Shop Direct Group, James led the transition from catalogue to online shopping, creating one of the largest online retail organisations in the UK.