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Driving patient engagement

Our technology solutions transform the interaction between patients and care teams, helping people take an active role in their health management and supporting more efficient care delivery.

  • Used by over 90% NHS Trusts across the UK
  • 12M+ appointments delivered through our systems
  • 30% average reduction in Did Not Attends

Trusted at scale

We work with leaders in healthcare, together committed to high quality delivery with rigorous governance, safety and security standards.

  • NHS
  • Cerner
  • System C
  • AWS
  • Palantir
  • Vital Hub
  • Involve

Integrated solutions

We provide easy-to-use SaaS solutions which facilitate efficient patient and care team interaction, supporting digital and in person communication. Using our world-class integration capabilities, we work with partners and existing systems to preserve workflows and deliver greater impact.

iPhone displaying clinician holding a group video call with Induction Attend Anywhere

Patient engagement solutions

Our patient engagement solutions power remote consultations, capture patient reported data and empower people to self-manage their interactions with providers.

Induction Attend Anywhere Remote consultations designed for healthcare Induction Zesty Integrated patient engagement portal
iPhone displaying a screenshot of the Induction Guidance patient information module

Clinical communication

Our clinical apps support efficient clinician communication and information delivery at the point of patient care.

Induction Guidance Digitised information delivery system

Proven to deliver

  • £9M estimated saving for NHS from reduction in patient Did Not Attends using our systems
  • 5.6M digital letters delivered and 83% patients selected paperless with Induction Zesty
  • 90% average waiting time reduction for patients using Induction Attend Anywhere
  • 230k+ over 230k clinical users of Induction Guidance and 10M+ page views in ‘21
  • £115M estimated savings in patient travel costs using Induction Attend Anywhere
  • 216M of patient travel miles saved using Induction Attend Anywhere
NHS Milton Keynes University Hospital Logo
Numbers of patients not attending their appointments has dropped by 50% Joe Harrison, CEO, Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust using Induction Zesty

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