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Providing medical organisations, hospitals, health boards and NHS Trusts with the ability to collaboratively create, edit, and publish their own local guidance and policies.

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The standard for clinical content distribution since 2012

Induction Guidance has been implemented into over 150 healthcare environments in 18 countries. These range from the United States to Iceland to New Zealand. In the UK, Induction Guidance is live in close to 90% of all Acute NHS Trusts.

Induction Guidance is comprised of three components; our Content Management System, Mobile App and desktop Web Viewer. The CMS is used to created all your content, which is then consumed via the app on your mobile device or the web viewer on your desktop.

Content Management System

Our comprehensive CMS drives the content to the App and to the Web Viewer. This has been designed by us from the ground up, specifically built for clinical specialists. Considered with ease of use and accessibility in mind, clinicians can create, manage and publish their own guidance completely autonomously.

We currently support over 50 different types of guidance, ranging from anti-microbial, e-learning, to doctors on-boarding, to pain management. These guides types are decided locally by you.

Organisations are in full control of how your guides are managed and published. Simple design, extremely effective.

Laptop displaying Induction Guidance's Content Management System Laptop displaying Induction Guidance's Content Management System

iPhone in womans hands displaying Induction Guidance Adult Antimicrobial Guide
Induction Guidance App

With guidance downloaded directly to your device, there is no need to worry about internet connectivity in your hospital or organisation. Users will always have access to the content they need locally, including search functionality.

Functionality includes medical calculators and algorithms available in the app. View and inspect calculations in real time.

All content updates are automatic. Once a new version of a guide has been published it is automatically downloaded in the background to every device that has previously subscribed to it, with the user receiving a push notification message.

With instant full search capability across entire guide sets, on average guidance is accessed on the App every 8 seconds.

Induction Guidance Web Viewer

A unique URL and live web version of all guidance. This function is completely independent of the app, but the content is identical.

The Web Viewer allows medical organisations to provide live guidance on their intranet/extranet/internet environments without having to maintain the content twice. Live published guidance immediately appears on a unique URL by guide that can easily embedded anywhere it’s required, including other internal digital solutions.

When a new guide is updated, web viewer is updated with the latest content within 90 seconds.

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Decision Support

The Decision Support Module (DSM) enables medical specialists to stratify guidance for a drug, or other, choices depending on the characteristics of an individual patient’s condition or profile.

Medical specialists are able to easily create algorithms that can be imported into the Content Management System that are then displayed within targeted conditions within the mobile app and the web viewer. No software, no code needed, simply populate a template, import it into the module and we build the algorithms for you.

Typically, when using a Decision Support algorithm, a clinician is asked 4-6 simple questions and depending on their input the system will recommend an outcome that is appropriate to that patient’s specific characteristics.

We have distilled a complex scenario into its simplest form.

Governance and Review

The Governance & Review Module (GRM) has been designed to support healthcare organisations through the process of reviewing and managing the iteration of guidance sets. This is done by structured, visibly auditable and unambiguous means.

The implementation of these steps and functions have significantly enhanced the process of publishing a new version of a guide that has the GRM function applied within it.

Guides can be reviewed by an editing and review team simultaneously before it is deemed ready for publication. 'Reviewers' only have rights to see the 'marked-up' version of the guide with no editing rights. All reviews are done online. In this mode, reviewers can see direct comparisons between the current and previous version with the ability to add comments to any content pages that have been edited. All comments made can be seen in real-time.

Laptop displaying Induction Guidance Governance and Review Module functionality

Patient Information Module

The Patient Information Module (PIM) enables a medical organisation to create, edit and manage content that is specifically for patients. Once published, the content is available to patients via a web viewer (that also has local printing options) and a purpose-built mobile app which is available free of charge from Google play or the App Store.

The module allows the Content Editors to interlink to complementary information. This provides the patient access to related and important advice covering a wide range of services, such as clinical conditions, treatments, procedures, examinations, surgery and related services. The module includes a powerful in-built search function to enable the patient to quickly find the relevant information. This is entirely configurable by Content Editors.  

Inbuilt metrics record access statistics across every user interaction so that Content Editors can see which content is most popular and how often it is being consumed. Within the app itself patients can feedback their views on the usefulness and readability of content directly to guidance teams, directing them on how to enhance future versions.

iPhone displaying a screenshot of Induction Guidance Patient Information Module
iPhone displaying a screenshot of Induction Guidance Secure Guides screen

Secure Guides

Secure Guides is a feature that allows medical organisations to create and publish guidance to smaller more discreet subsets of their clinical population, safely and securely.

The Secure Guides function allows any guide set to be hidden behind a 4-digit pin which must be entered by app users before guidance can be accessed for the first time. This allows content editors to publish guidance as normal but only distributing the pin to the clinical users that need to see the content. This ensues the guidance always reaches its target audience, and no-one else.

This feature is popular for prototyping new guides and features as well as seamlessly distributing sensitive information to targeted clinical groups with peace of mind.


We record metrics on every single action that is done in terms of usage of content. We have a live dashboard for subscribing customers to review all individual page views of any guide by cohort and by method, for any time period.

Whether it is accessed by mobile or web viewer, we can display to you how many times a month, week, day guides or even specific pages of guides are being accessed, and by what profession type.

Seeing how your guidance is actually used will make you better at producing it, adding more value to your clinical community. We have gathered over 80 million usage metrics on guidance sets which we share with our subscribers and is a constant source of clinical and behavioural research.

Laptop displaying metrics in Induction Guidance

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Induction is used by healthcare professionals around the world to connect with the people and information they need, collaborate and communicate securely.

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