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“Attend Anywhere revolutionises access to care, especially for those with chronic disabilities.”

Judith Newton, RGN MSc(R), National Nursing Lead for Motor Neurone Disease / Consultant Nurse

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“The Attend Anywhere platform offers a secure, world-class client and clinician experience. The single access point puts our clients first, while improving our back-end care coordination workflow and eliminating room errors. I highly recommend this product.”

Michael Marthick, Director and Exercise Physiologist, Care Connected

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"Attend Anywhere has revolutionised everything about the way I work. I can see clients now face-to-face via video, from Huntly to Stonehaven to Petershead – all in one day. The benefits are absolutely enormous. People need to see you. There is an element of trust that you have to build up."

Dawn Brooks from Rape Crisis Scotland

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"A few weeks ago, I was worried about my left eye. Bearing in mind I am 68 and not that great with technology, I decided to try and get a video consultation at Moorfields. I clicked on the link and followed the very clear instructions. It was wonderful, I felt like I was in the clinic."

Jenny Slater, patient at Moorfields Eye Hospital

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"The integration of Attend Anywhere into our range of clinical and communication offers has proved a tremendous success."

Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust

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Consult Now

(Newly launched)
Providers can quickly escalate from a traditional phone call into a video call quickly by sending a one-time-only “Consult Now” link. The clickable link brings patients straight into a secure video consultation without them needing to download any apps or software, or enter any details.

Clinical Group Consultations

Secure and anonymous environment, purpose built for healthcare, that can accommodate over 100 patients for a consultation or discussion. “In call” features and controls for patients and for Clinicians designed specifically with NHS working groups. Health specific security, privacy, data integrity with the same high clinical standards as the rest of Attend Anywhere – no digital footprint for patients. Patients enter via trust website and given a configurable, branded experience throughout.

Patient Onboarding

Patients are sent an SMS or email, reminding of the appointment, and offering them a link to the appropriate Waiting Area. AA works with existing data feeds or data file uploads, and it supports customised messages to patient groups.

Patient Arrival

Patients confirm their demographics on arrival, based on data that AA has already received directly from the hospital. Patients are checked into PAS via standard inbound messages.

Call Recording

Allows service providers to record a consultation and save it on file (with Caller’s consent), facilitating practice review as well as patient improvement over time. Recordings can be made with sound only, a screen shot or full audio and video recording of all or part of a consultation.

Key benefits

For patients

AA was built with patient experience in mind


The platform is easy and accessible for patients as it is 100% browser-based, removing requirements for app or account creation


Patient identified data is not stored


Across 39 NHS England Trusts, AA video reduced patient waiting time from 174 minutes to 4 minutes in emergency settings and from 50 minutes to 5 minutes in hospital settings more generally


AA consultations have resulted in 144 million minutes of travel time avoided (based on 2 x 24 minutes trips to appointments)

For clinicians

AA helps clinicians work flexibly and deliver healthcare tailored to each patients needs


In the NHS, about 4% of appointments are missed virtually compared to 6% of in-person appointments.


In a recent pilot, clinicians welcomed the simplicity, ease of access and improved virtual flow of patients and high-level security of AA.


Delivering video consultations helps staff avoid travel time between appointments and patient homes, freeing up time to deliver face-to-face appointments for patients who really need them.

For the NHS

AA streamlines otherwise lengthy processes and makes administration frictionless


Administration can be carried out by coordinators remotely and patients can be transferred easily between services and NHS Trusts.


A study found that while 6% of face-to-face outpatient appointments resulted in a missed attendance by patients between April 2020 and March 2021, only 4% of remote attendances were missed – resulting in nearly 55,000 missed attendances avoided due to use of video consultations.


A pilot programme in Acute and Specialist Trusts found the number of healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) were reduced by about 0.1% last year, in part as less patients were required to visit hospital

To wider society

AA delivers on the Government ambition to empower patients to take control of their healthcare while embracing a greener future


Virtual consultations help meet the Government ambition of more flexible health and greater patient choice in care


The shift away from in-person consultations where possible, helps reduce carbon emissions associated with travel and improves productivity for both patients and clinicians using the service

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