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A powerful productivity toolkit that helps over 225,000 healthcare professionals save time connecting to the people and information they need to deliver quality care.

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Induction is used by healthcare professionals around the world to connect with the people and information they need, collaborate and communicate securely.

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Dr Nicola Quinnen

Surgical SHO, Imperial College NHS Foundation Trust

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Dr Daniel Osikominu

ED Specialty Doctor, UCLH

NHSx Clinical Communications Tools Framework

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Induction Switch is now on the NHSx Clinical Communication Tools procurement framework.

This nationally funded framework is an easy way for Trusts to seamlessly adopt proven communication platforms that significantly reduce the need for pagers within a hospital. With this framework there is no formal tendering required, and that saves time and money in the procurement process.


Induction Switch can provide several premium features under this framework at an additional cost. These include Roles Based Messaging (RBM), broadcast alerts via Induction Newsfeed, automated mirroring of intranet content for quick access on staff phones and Single Sign On (SSO) via integration with Active Directory.


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Core features

Secure messaging


We empower our users to communicate easily and securely with each other using end-to-end encryption to protect sensitive data at all times. Messaging within Induction Switch allows medical organisations to offer communication functionality to its staff without compromising on security or control.


Features and functions include:

  • Part of the NHSx Clinical Communications Tools Framework
  • Sent, delivered, and read receipts
  • Individual and group messaging capability
  • Web messaging available for desktop
  • Messages are encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Secure access to the app via PIN or your device’s biometric ID
  • All messages are deleted after 30 days
  • Approved UK hosting infrastructure

Directory listings

This repository for bleeps, extensions and emails will remove your dependency on switchboard and outdated legacy technology. Updates your directory continuously and give your team access to the contacts they need, when they need them. Search, call or return a bleep directly through the app.


Features and functions include:

  • ‘Quick Dial’ function to respond to bleeps efficiently
  • Add, edit and delete numbers from your hospital directory to keep it constantly updated
  • Store all your private codes and numbers in one safe and secure place


Create multiple secure areas within your medical organisation – so different clinical teams can interact and share information in smaller, focused groups.


TeamSpaces are admin controlled and membership can be approved by invitation and other methods. Management has complete control over who has access to your hospital’s information at all times.


Features and functions include:

  • Upload documents, guidelines, protocols, rotas, etc. and organise into searchable folders
  • Set reviewers and review dates for all content individually to ensure information is constantly updated
  • Create dynamic groups of your choice based on who is on-call and meet the needs of every staff member
  • Invite users to your TeamSpace via in-app search, email invite or secure link

Analytics and reports


Stay on track with how much your staff is engaging with the information you upload with our comprehensive and powerful analytics platform.


Generate engagement and metric reports from the dashboards  within the app. This will allow organisations to prioritise and evaluate what information is most useful to populate your organisation’s TeamSpace’s.

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Premium features

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Roles-based messaging

Roles are a core component within a clinical setting. Allow roles-based interactions to occur seamlessly and safely, with guaranteed delivery every time.


Your teams will be able to pick up and drop roles – just like a pager., which can be set-up as passive or as a “hot potato” (which can’t be dropped until another staff member has picked them up). Our purpose-built system mimics existing day-to-day operational patterns in hospitals today.


Features and functions include:

  • Staff can see who’s on-call at any time
  • Any staff member can be messaged instantly by role
  • Search by job function and connect with staff immediately
  • New role owner alert functionality
  • Configure auto responses with escalation instructions if a role becomes unmanned

Active Directory integration

The capability of communicating and acting on clinical and patient data in a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment has its advantages, however it puts an important spotlight on a Trusts responsibility to extend its firewall into this device community.


As part of our commitment to clinical safety and data protection, we allow medical organisations to enforce the Single Sign-On protocol for all clinicians using Induction Switch. This ensures all Clinical Safety and Data Protection protocols are maintained.


Features and functions include:

  • Authorised by NHSx to use the National Single Sign-On API service
  • App users must use their Trust Network credentials to access the app
  • Multi-Factor Authentication availability
  • Interactions are recorded and audited as part of your own Active Directory function
  • Clinical on-boarding and off-boarding is automatic

Internet access and offline availability

Induction Switch increases staff’s ability to access under-utilised content on your local intranet by making the information securely available through Switch.


Smart caching within the app ensures that all information shared with Induction Switch are available both on and offline, while automatic updates improve compliance and keep staff up to date.

Broadcast messages & surveys

In time-critical situations, hospitals can broadcast high priority alerts and urgent notices to all hospital staff instantly. This will trigger pager-style alerts to colleagues and teams with an instant notification on each mobile device.


This system offers comprehensive analytics which will display viewers of each feed message, and when they were seen. This is a particularly powerful tool for communication with staff who may not regularly check their email outside of working hours.


Features and functions include:

  • Set high/low priority status on each feed post
  • Attach images to your alerts and notices
  • Include hyperlinks to third party sites, teaching material and Trust resources etc
  • Create surveys for your staff so you can receive real-time and relevant feedback

Integrated premium features

Patient lists

Being able to refer to and work with Patient Lists during a clinical shift is an invaluable asset. Particularly if you can refer to those patients easily in secure messaging conversations and tasks. Flexible and manageable patient lists within Switch make clinical workflows smoother and hand-over less ambiguous for everyone, at all times.


In Switch, Patient Lists can be a manually updated. Additionally, this feature will allow you to select and interact with patient records via a direct query of your medical organisations EPR.

EPR integration

As more and more clinical workflow and intervention becomes mobile and dynamic, there is a clear need for mobile functionality that allows clinicians to update and maintain local EPR systems via mobile apps such as Switch.


Dependent upon which EPR you currently use, our HealthStream integration services can directly connect Switch to your EPR. This will expose functions within the Switch app that allow clinicians to push relevant messages, message threads or tasks to your EPR with literally the touch of a button.


The overall shared objective of this technology is to make your EPR service the one true source within your Trust.  It is invaluable for patient-oriented information and the EPR integration functionality within Switch will offer clinicians a no-hassle, mobile function, ensuring patient records are always kept up to date with encounter specific information.

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