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Male Clinician

“MyCare saves me a lot of time, it’s very useful, just like in the GP Surgery for managing my doctors appointment”

Gary, patient at MKUH NHS Trust

Female clinician

“The portal is like a filing cabinet in my pocket, I can access all my appointment letters”

Suneet, patient at ESNEFT NHS Trust

A portal patients love to use

It's no wonder the Induction Zesty patient portal leads the market. Trusts who use the platform have tested it with patients, who report that it's easy to register for and use and that they prefer having online control over their appointments.

How easy did you find it to register for the Milton Keynes MyCARE patient portal?

Survey results displaying 90% of participants found registration very easy

Would you prefer to change or cancel your appointment online as opposed to calling the hospital?

Survey displaying that 85% of patients would you prefer to change /cancel your appointment online as opposed to calling the hospital

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Features at a glance

Remote registration and consent

Whether by invitation (SMS or email) or from a direct link on a Trust website, a direct invitation is far more effective in driving patient registration. With consent, they have complete freedom to manage electronic communication, paperless correspondence, and data sharing.

Digital letters

Patients can easily receive, select and view the clinical and appointment letters they need via an Induction Zesty-powered patient portal. Better still, patients can ‘opt out’ of paper completely, unlocking immediate costs savings for NHS Acute hospitals and healthcare providers.

Integrated appointments

Patients can reschedule and cancel appointments within the portal, via a direct link to the PAS (where supported) or on a request basis (where unsupported via current hospital systems). Cancelling an appointment is easy, and when rescheduling, patients can choose from a range of available slots (as determined by the rules set by Trust).

Patient completed questionnaires

Hospitals rely on patient feedback through patient completed questionnaires (PCQ). Our portals invite patients to complete a PCQ via email or SMS, using their smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. It also allows them to review and amend questionnaires before submission.

Form builder

Hospital Trusts can remotely monitor their patients, collect valuable clinical data and feedback on a regular basis and generate scores with our form builder, which drives administrative efficiencies with rapid deployment of forms, which are sent to patients via SMS at the most relevant point in their treatment pathway.

Video consultations

Patients can have a controlled and secure video consultation with a clinician, on their preferred device, through our patient portal. This choice is important as most patients access the portal on their smartphone but prefer to attend a video consultation on a tablet or desktop computer.

Async messaging

Async messaging ensures the same clinical team can manage and respond to their patients in a timely, manageable and appropriate way. This ability to share new information, postpone unnecessary appointments or otherwise communicate with their clinical team creates both system efficiencies and better patient outcomes.

Clinical records

Clinical records give patients access to their test results and documents – in line with Trust rules and procedures – as soon as they become available. Patients can view, share and store clinic letters, discharge summaries and Radiology reports (subject to clinical systems in place). We also support lab results via an optional module.

EPR and PAS integration is a key part of our solution

diagram showing the pathway integration of Zesty with hospital systems via Induction's HealthStream engine

Our portal is read and write integrated into a number of leading secondary care systems, including Cerner Millennium, System C Careflow and SilverLink PCS Acute. We have formal commercial partnerships with Cerner and work closely with System C, who resell our platform.

Our HealthStream integration engine is live in production environments at major NHS hospitals and is used by thousands of patients every day.

Individual engagement, local value, regional relevance

Patient registration

Portals don’t deliver benefits if people cannot easily register and use them


Successful systems are easy to use and fully remote


A large hospital demands tens of thousands in new registrations in the first year


Providing local value

Patients want support for the things they need to do ‘now’ – online convenience helps


Patients have highest demand exists for managing appointments, reading letters and results, plus understanding where they are in the pathway


High patient engagement is driven by high local value

Joined up care

Patients don’t ‘get’ regions or boundaries


They want an integrated view of their records, appointments and questionnaires for every provider they see


They want to belong to one digital platform with one login

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