OPAT mobile display OPAT web display

Key features include:

  • Pre Admission
  • Virtual Ward
  • Reporting
  • Patient Feedback
  • Customer Service Setup
  • Service Management


Manually upload patients or receive referrals. Add demographic and historic medical data and access a patients suitability for OPAT by admitting them to the Virtual Ward or Rejecting them from the service and track the reason for rejection.

OPAY pre-admissions display
OPAY virtual ward web display

Virtual Ward

Search and find all current OPAT Patients. Segment these patients into cohorts using filters.

Update the patient record with information regarding their treatment, from Allergies, Blood Results and Therapies to Oral Step Down and OPAT Outcomes.

OPAT Outcomes

Capture and report OPAT Outcome data based on the latest national OPAT Outcomes.

OPAT outcomes screen
OPAT reporting screen display


Use a selection of pre-defined reports or make your own to help you analyse your OPAT data. All the data entered into the system is reportable, enabling in-depth analysis of the OPAT service and justification costs.


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