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Job Title: Product Manager

Business Area: Product and Tech

Reporting: Director of Product

Location: UK/Remote- with access to office premises in Liverpool Street as required.


Role Purpose

The purpose of this role is to manage part of the product portfolio for a fast-growing Healthtech company. The company delivers a market-leading platform which connects patients with their care providers and facilitates communications between clinicians.


As a Product Manager you will be responsible for managing all existing and new feature developments on the products to which you’re aligned. This includes taking a leading role in defining which features and new products to prioritise, vendor liaison, and supporting all aspects of the product lifecycle (from inception to specification, development, testing, roll-out and in-life management).


You will be a key interface for all stakeholders and teams that are involved in the product lifecycle – customers, partners, sales, commercial, development, testing, support, success, legal, finance, marketing.


Role Objectives:

You will provide product leadership and ownership for products within the portfolio.


This includes the following key areas:

– Responsibility for identifying which new features and products to develop (including their prioritisation and commercial justification)

– Responsibility for their development, launch and successful delivery

– Acting as an evangelist for your products – ensuring that all stakeholders across the business are informed of progress and developments

– Being the catalyst that drives enhancements and propositions into your products within the portfolio. These will be dictated by several factors including new customer requirements, evolving market dynamics, technological advances, competitor activity.

Key Accountabilities:

The Product Management role spans a number of key areas, including:

Commercial Product Management

– Reporting: on product performance

– Market Analysis: understanding the landscape and significant trends within our core markets

– Competitor Analysis: keeping abreast of competitor strengths, strategies, and trajectories

– Customer Insight: building and maintaining a deep understanding of customer drivers, anxieties and behaviours and interpreting these into product development priorities

– Business case management: architecting, costing, and presenting clearly worked, well-founded business cases for all major development and go-to-market requests

– Product Definition: ensuring that there is always an up-to-date, correct, and accessible Product Definition document for your products

– Product Pricing: working with sales management and finance to ensure that all product pricing is correctly set and managed

– Product Strategy: helping define and continuously adapt the growth strategy for your products, and working with internal stakeholders to ensure it aligns to wider company strategy, goals, and targets

– Terms & Conditions (T&Cs): ensuring that all required T&Cs are provided with each product so that the company always adheres to its legal and compliance responsibilities.

Product Development

– Product Roadmap: building, maintaining, and owning the product roadmap and its prioritisation process

– Development specification: translating customer, competitor, technology, and general market trends into clearly articulated requirements

– Product Roll Out: acting as the business and customer champion to ensure that all key stakeholders are informed and updated on new product and new feature developments, their release timeframes and their market impacts.

Project Management

– Managing discrete projects from time to time to support the sales teams with key customer projects

– Building Proof of Concept (PoC) and similar project documentation where appropriate

– Creating short-term project plans

– Project managing major product and feature roll-outs

Go-to-market management

– Ensuring seamless product launches

– Ensuring all key internal documentation is prepared, checked, and disseminated to the relevant teams in time for launch

– Ensuring that customer facing documentation is created, checked for accuracy and legal and regulatory compliance, and shared with the sales teams

 -Ensuring that all relevant sales and customer facing teams are adequately trained in any new products or product features prior to launch

 -Managing product launches (including alpha/beta and full roll outs)

Sales Support

– Providing the sales, marketing, and commercial teams with ongoing support, including for demos, bids, campaigns

– Feeding back customer and market trends into development requirements

– Relationship Management

– Proactively build and develop strategic relationships with both internal and external stakeholders

Key Performance Indicators:

– Number of new features successfully proposed and specified for development

– Number of features successfully delivered (and fully tested)

 -Product Revenues v forecasts/targets

– Timely delivery of project deliverables against agreed timelines

– Active management of the Product Roadmap

– Number of product innovations proposed and substantiated

Person Specification:

Product Management Experience

– Experience overseeing full lifecycle software and Software as a Service (SaaS) products

– Experience of managing customer requirements and expectations

– Market experience of having built product business cases and commercial justifications

– Involvement in the launching of new products into mature markets

– Strong understanding of the project lifecycle from idea creation to implementation and in-life management

– Broad understanding of product development best practice approaches

– Understanding of public healthcare systems and processes

– Experience of working within public sector healthcare projects or with public sector healthcare customers

Personal Attributes

– Constantly inquisitive

– Unparalleled communication skills

– Able to quickly understand and articulate complex issues in straightforward ways

– Confident and assured with senior stakeholders and technical development teams

– Comfortable in front of customers and partners

– Commercially astute

– High levels of enthusiasm and drive

About Induction Healthcare Group plc

Our Purpose

‘Digital transformation’ – it’s a priority of nearly all healthcare systems worldwide, and Induction, a leading virtual care platform, is the partner to make change happen. We replace outdated modes of communication between providers and their patients with a next generation digital communication toolkit – and we enable a new flexible future for healthcare.


Our mission is to ‘make healthcare better, anywhere’. We alleviate operational burdens on hospital teams while saving them time, frustration and money. We allow clinical teams to share information, collaborate and navigate channels across disciplines. And we put patients in better control of their own healthcare management. With Induction, providers and patients can choose how and when they receive care, be it virtually, in-person or even via asynchronous text. We unchain staff and patients from the limitations of paper-based and desktop systems.


Our Platforms

We improve care by delivering products that healthcare professionals, patients and institutions choose to use. Our products enable data to flow between stakeholders and legacy IT systems, adding substantial value to pre-existing health IT investment.

They provide our customers with a powerful set of capabilities that touch most aspects of care coordination and delivery. Our product range is exclusively Software as a service (SaaS), targeting monthly recurring revenue (MRR) growth as a key financial metric:


– Induction Switch – an iOS and Android app used by most junior doctors in the NHS. It saves healthcare professionals time by allowing them to bypass the hospital’s switchboard, helping them locate extensions and bleeps quickly and chat securely. Additional features enable the creation of admin-controlled membership groups (TeamSpaces), secure instant messaging and a broadcast newsfeed, providing increased opportunities for engagement with our large user base.


– Induction Attend Anywhere – helps hospitals, health systems and other customers offer video consultations to patients and service users as a normal part of day-to-day operations, making it simple, safe and secure to say “yes you can attend your appointment via video”.  Since 1998, Attend Anywhere has collaborated with clinicians and patients, medical colleges, universities, healthcare providers, governments, NGAs, and others to bring the benefits of mainstream video call access to health and care systems, with some Attend Anywhere programs now entering their 21st year with coverage in every country in the United Kingdom – and with 85% market share in England alone. The company’s vision is for video consultations to improve lives and help address social, access, equity and sustainability challenges in healthcare and beyond.


– Induction Zesty – a market-leading digital platform for patients visiting hospitals. The platform allows patients to book their appointments, read their appointment and clinical letters, store a local copy of their clinical record, and provide data to their care teams remotely. Alongside a compelling patient experience, the Zesty portal delivers significant cost benefits to hospitals.


– Induction Booking – offers NHS Trusts and other healthcare organisations an online booking platform for patients, hospital staff and care home staff.


– Induction Guidance – hospitals set clinical guidance locally, typically producing guidelines that are rarely efficiently circulated or adhered to as they are not available at the point of care. Local specialists use the Induction Guidance platform to create, edit and publish structured and governance-controlled guidance and policies. Automated distribution of that guidance to mobile users, combined with local intranet availability, results in a significant increase in guidance consumption, and best of all, a material increase in local guidance adherence.


Our Customers

Our customers are healthcare institutions, primarily hospitals. As the company grows, we intend to expand our customer base into primary care and community and mental

health services. We have commercial relationships with most of the UK National Health Service (NHS) hospitals.


Where We Operate

Our principal market is the UK and we have a growing user base in Australia, South Africa and Canada. We intend to leverage this user base to extend our commercial operations internationally. We have recently won a national contract in Mexico, demonstrating a clear example of international growth.


Our Journey

The history of Induction is one of fast growth, fuelled by inventive solutions for the most common problems that clinicians and patients encounter in secondary care. At our creation in 2019, the immediate uptake of our products validated our promise to remove friction from the most basic but essential tasks.


By early 2020, Switch and Guidance gained traction and embedded themselves into several NHS Trusts just in time to be mobilised in the fight against COVID-19. The solutions helped hospitals navigate through unknown territory and adjust to a quickly evolving, and often remote, work environment. Induction Switch was used as a primary communication tool at the NHS Nightingale London – the first of the temporary critical care hospitals constructed during the pandemic. MicroGuide was also selected to support Barts Health NHS Trust in the Nightingale London project with antimicrobial and COVID-19 content. As the pandemic evolved, so too did our support of the NHS. Later in the year, as vaccines became available, Induction platforms helped frontline NHS staff book their own vaccinations and also facilitated delivery of lateral flow tests for COVID-19.


2021 saw Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, a Global Digital Exemplar, use Induction Zesty as their patient portal. At the same time, Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Trust maximised the number of patients accessing their health records with the platform. Working alongside Apple inc. and Cerner, we have helped to create

a direct, encrypted connection between medical institutions and patient’s iPhones, empowering patients – and powering efficiency and decision-making at a clinical level.


Why Join Us?

The Induction Group is a listed portfolio of companies with interoperable healthcare IT tools, coming to maturity at a time when huge pressure is being placed on health systems to deliver and there is greater demand than ever for proven IT solutions that can be rapidly deployed. Induction has its eyes firmly fixed on the future of healthcare, ready to seize a multitude of opportunities that make life easier through the many stages of a patient journey. At Induction Healthcare, become part of the team, where many individuals gather together to pave the way to innovation every single day.


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