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The purpose behind this Advisory Board board has always been to brainstorm and explore both the future development of the Induction app and also its implementation globally through increased functionality and better ways to communicate to help streamline delivery of care. Induction Switch is used in over 200 hospitals across the UK by over 200,000 health professionals along with a significant presence globally that continues to expand. This also demonstrates why the clinical advisory board is essential to the successful implementation of novel product features as the expertise and clinical insight will help shape the development roadmap.


As a member of our voluntary National Clinical Advisory Board, you will be responsible for:


  • performing trust wide and national quality improvement projects for the ‘Induction Switch’ app on a bi-weekly basis
  • conducting surveys and brainstorming sessions with colleagues to identify areas for innovation and development
  • attending regional and national conferences to learn more about healthcare techonologies


The 2020 National Clinical Advisory Board consisted of :


  • 150 volunteers from 48 NHS hospitals across the UK
  • Volunteers were 37.8% female, 62.2% male; with 37.8% in foundation training, 32.4% in core training, 18.9% in specialty training, 5.4% consultants and 5.4% nurses
  • 54% of the clinical advisory board used the Induction Switch app for their QIP, quality improvement programme

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