Standalone diary

This ‘stand-alone’ booking platform (not integrated into PAS) has been providing primary, secondary and community care appointment booking for the past 7 years across 20+ NHS sites.


This easy to use and intuitive platform requires minimal training for users. With the launch of new in-line training system, clinical teams are now capable of self-train in no longer than 30 minutes.

Key benefits include:

  • New services can be deployed online to the platform in a matter of hours.
  • Capacity can be flexed both quickly and easily – Trusts can simply increase or decrease the number of available appointment slots that are visible to its patients.
  • The platform reduces the need to implement expensive telephone booking services
  • Work-lists generated based on the level of patient bookings made through the platform, allowing clinicians to efficiently monitor and make contact with their patients anytime, anywhere.

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User booking & appointment management

Induction Booking allows for Patients to manage their appointment via mobile or desktop. The platform helps to both to increase visibility and optimise uptake.

Patient benefits include:
  • Receiving SMS messages to confirm appointment details
  • Ability for patients to view and select appointment times which suit them
  • Reminders of upcoming appointments which in turn, reduces DNAs
  • The ability for patients to easily cancel their upcoming appointments via SMS

Induction Booking is hosted on AWS London (same service hosting NHS 111 and e-RS) and is fully compliant with the Data Security and Protection Toolkit.


Data retention for patient information is configurable by the Trust and Induction will set as a transient record in line with Appendix3 of the NHS Records Code of Management Code 2016.

Reporting and analytics

Booking data can be viewed online within the standalone diary and used as a work list or patient list. Reports can be downloaded via CSV format.

Further details on reporting, sorting, filtering and exporting booking data can be found in our Diary Training Guides set of videos on YouTube

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